Products on our showroom floor that are not on the internet Store.

Did you know that every Wild Birds Unlimited Store is individually Owned and Operated?

The MyWBU Online Store can not replicate everything that every store sells per store so we are including photos of items that you may have seen in our Warwick store that you would not be able to select online. You can order these over the phone with curbside pick up. Sorry these items are not available to ship. Due to our franchise family rules, we can not post prices for these pieces.

Work in Progress - There are several pages of products and some corresponding videos. Check out the MyWBU Store also even if you plan to order over the phone. Thank you.


Left to Right

  • Orange Suet Dough CAKE
  • Insect and Hot Pepper SUET CAKE
  • Blueberry Suet CAKE


 Poop off Spray, Poop-off bottle with brush, Bird Bath Protector


Solar Water Wiggler and WBU Water Wiggler 

20 Gallon and 10 Gallon Galvanized Metal Cans

Scare Tape - 100 ft of holographic ribbon tape. Make tassels out of it and hang it where woodpeckers are causing damage to your house. Because it is shiny and flutters it is makes birds look for aerial predators. (We do not sell plastic owls or snakes because the birds get wise to them and are not fooled)