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We are asking our staff here at the Warwick Wild Birds Unlimited to tell us about themselves and why they love working at our store. Perhaps it’s you, too. We are looking for good people.


Getting Off the Superhighway And Onto A Country LaneLynn WBU Warwick
By Lynn F.

The early morning light was just starting to stream through my bedroom window. I could hear the chirp of a cardinal in my backyard and, a few minutes later, a mourning dove was cooing to his mate. I started to think about the day ahead. What will it bring? Did I have anything planned? Yes! I get to go to work today. I smiled and got ready for today’s adventures.

A “Superhighway” of a Job

A little more than a year ago I was not so eager to go to work. Each Monday I would wake up, hear the birds outside and think “Ugh, I have to go to work today”. I was working for a large corporation in a high-pressured position. My days were long, filed with conference calls that started at 7:00 am and all too often continued into the evening. Too many weekends included catching up with emails, finishing reports for Monday morning and fitting in household chores where I could. I was burned out. A job I once was passionate about had become a chore. When I was given the opportunity to retire, I jumped on it. I went from that “superhighway” of a rat race to having all the time in the world. It was glorious. But, after a couple of months I needed a reason to jump out of bed each morning, and so I started to consider some type of volunteer work or part time employment. I didn’t want to work just anywhere. I wanted a job that I could be as passionate about as I had once been with my old job.

A “Country Lane” Opportunity

Several years ago, I started watching the birds in my backyard as a way to unwind from the day’s stress, and I continued this hobby into retirement. Now that I had extra time I was enjoying it even more. I was thinking about this hobby plus all my other interests one morning as I did my weekly shopping, which included a stop at Wild Birds Unlimited for more seed. As I approached the store, I noticed the “We Are Hiring” sign in the window. Serendipity! I applied and a couple weeks later, there I was, starting over with a new company, helping people enjoy backyard birding – something I knew I could get passionate about.

Working for WBU means I enjoy coming to work once again. There are so many reasons I am loving it. Here are the key ones for me.

  • People: This includes both staff and customers. Every day there are wonderful conversations and folks sharing their backyard bird stories. This is my growing network of friends and extended family.
  • Atmosphere: We are serenaded by bird songs and the gurgle of the fishpond’s waterfall. Who needs meditation after listening to the “dee dee” of a chick-a-dee.
  • Teamwork: Everyone pitches in and helps with the daily tasks. I never hear anyone gripe “it’s not my turn” or “I did it last time”.
  • Variety: Teamwork also means that no one is stuck doing the same chore hour after mind-numbing hour.
  • Flexibility: While working part time, I am technically retired with other hobbies to pique my interest, grandkids to play with, and books to read. My schedule at WBU fits around what I desire in hours per week and days off.
  • Always Learning: I have learned a lot over these months and am so glad that every day is an opportunity to learn another interesting fact about nature. I hope to never stop learning.

Learning On The “Country Lane” Job

When I first saw the “We Are Hiring” sign I hesitated. Not because I did not want to work for WBU, but because I was sure I didn’t know enough to be one of the experts WBU customers have come to expect at this store. I had only dabbled in backyard bird watching. I had a couple feeders, but everything I knew was learned “on-the-fly” as problems arose. Turns out there was no need to worry. The training program is a great mix of online courses and hands-on in the store. The entire staff is eager to share their expertise. Before I knew it, I was becoming familiar with all WBU offers, from the wide variety of seed to the many types of feeders. I have the confidence to help customers, whether it is dealing with squirrels or helping someone new to backyard birding select the right feeder for their yard.

I also learned that the chirp I hear outside my window every morning is a cardinal. He is telling me that today will be another great day.


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