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Simply Complete Squirrel-Proof

Got Squirrels? We Can Help!

Love 'em or hate 'em, squirrels are some of the most curious and adaptable animals around. While they can be fun to watch, they can also become a nuisance by raiding your bird feeders.

Our Simply Complete™ Squirrel-proof Feeder has everything you need to foil these furry foes. This boxed setup includes a bird feeder with an attached squirrel baffle (6” dia.) and a 3-piece pole (each section is 24”).

Add this setup to your yard and stand up to those squirrels!

Other Products to Help Deter Squirrels

  • WBU Eliminator: Protect your bird seed bounty from squirrels with our Eliminator™ bird feeder. When a squirrel touches the perch ring, its weight closes the seed ports, foiling its seed-stealing plot.
  • Hot Pepper No-Melt Suet Cylinder: A wide variety of birds will enjoy dining on our Hot Pepper No-Melt Suet Cylinder. Squirrels - not so much.

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