Advanced Pole System Hardware

Our Hardware Wall

Boxed Kits

  • APS Basic Hanging Setup     see Video
  • APS Basic Deck Setup          see Video
  • APS Basic Mounting Setup

In order to be fair to all customers, we can answer some quick questions on hardware but can not spend too much time on the phone. Thank you for your understanding.

See the videos on the Advanced Pole System

Separate APS Pieces

  • 4 ft. Base Pole
  • 4 ft Extension Pole
  • 3 ft Extension Pole
  • 2 ft Extension Pole
  • 18 in Extension Pole
  • 12 in Extension Pole
  • Large Stabilizer

Crook Arms

  • Double Arm
  • Double Arm with thumbscrew
  • Double Arm Decorative
  • Single Arm
  • Single Arm EZ attach
  • Single Arm Decorative EZ attach


  • APS Squirrel Baffle with collar
  • Wrap around Squirrel Baffle with collar 14 in or 18 in

Attachments and Decorations

  • EZ Clip on Decorative Branches Large or Small
  • EZ Clip on Decorative Fruit and Jelly Branch - new version that can take Quick Bites Cups.
  • Finials - Cardinal, Bluebird, Goldfinch. Dragonfly, Black Chickadee, Spear, Black Hummingbird 
  • EZ Clip on Side Dish with tray
  • EZ clip on dishes Black, Orange, Red photo below
  • EZ clip on Suet bracket with Suet Cage
  • Universal EZ clip on holder for the Universal dish. photo below
  • Universal dish for EZ clip on
  • Branch Holder
  • Triple Branch Holder

APS Bluebird Pole with Flange 6' pole with side mount flange for Bluebird houses - not made for feeders.

For Decks

  • APS Deck Mounts, Screw on or Clamp on
  • Angled Arms Short, short EZ angled, Long and Lightweight 

S Hooks

Tree Hooks 

APS EZ dishes

APS EZ clip on plus Universal dish